I wouldn’t mind loving you at all

Why are you the muse that keeps me awake at 3 a.m.? The jolt of energy I feel as I write into the morning hours when I should be sleeping. You’re the comforting glow of my laptop screen when the rest of the world seems too serious for me. I can hear you when I blare punk music too loud for my eardrums to safely listen to, but I don’t care. Youre the random Justin Timberlake on my playlist, or the secret Britney Spears album I have that I only listen to when I need a break. I can still smell your cologne on my pillow case. I remember your coffee order, in case you decide to come home. Well, not home, but home. We can settle the score once and for all. I’m not scared anymore. I know now, I see things now so please baby, come home to me. One more night, just so I can sleep peacefully in your arms. Tell me your love me as much as I love you. Don’t lie to me baby, even though the truth hurts much more. I wouldn’t mind at all.  I don’t mind loving you at all


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