Nicotine Kisses

They told me to stay away from cigarettes

But not the boy smoking them

“drugs are bad for you”

“you don’t want an addiction”

But what if im addicted to a person

What if im addicted to him

And the taste of nicotine

on his lips

and in his kisses

so when he finds escape

within my daydreams

who am I to reject

the soul he puts in them?

He’s become more than a simple addiction

He’s hardwired into my brain

And the smoky air that fills my lungs

He should be killing me

But he’s making me more alive

Regular air isn’t as easy to breathe

His gentle touch on my inked skin

Is like seeing the galaxy’s edge

I see the colors of constellations

When he lights his cigarettes

And I can’t be sure

If maybe

I should save myself

Or continue to breathe in the nicotine

That is him


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