True Beauty

True beauty is hard to come by

But when I look into your eyes

There is no doubt in my mind you have it

You’re like a flower

Even on a rainy day you’re vibrant and lively

I want to pick you

But I don’t want to see you die

Does that make any sense?

I may be stumbling here, I may not

I like the way you laugh when I get nervous and ramble

I do it a lot around you

It’s probably because your smile is like the sun,

It never goes out,

It just comes and goes

But it always returns and it never fades

You’re eyes are like the moon and the stars

They light up the night

I’m not a genius poet

Or a genius at all,

But I’m smart enough to know that I can’t let you go

And that I could write about you for hours

If that’s ok with you

Cause I really love you

And I want to write you cheesy poetry

Every day of the week

Sometimes I think of what life would be like if I didn’t meet you

Truth is, I can imagine it and it scares me

I wouldn’t see your beautiful smile each morning

Your vibrant eyes that shine when you laugh,

Or how you put your head in your hands when I say something stupid.

I’d even miss the glares you give me when you’re annoyed with me

But not having you at all,

Not knowing about the amazing person that was literally sitting so close to me

It would make me a very alone person

And a very scared person

How lucky am I to have you?

To be blessed with your presence each day



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