My hands lock into his hair and his kisses take me somewhere else

My pulse can’t seem to slow after our lips meet and when your lips start to taste of Jim beam I think, this is where I should quit. Being an alcoholics daughter was going to catch up with me at some point. Might as well let it take me now. So I let you grab me, press your drunken tasting lips to every piece of my flesh, claiming me like a lion claims its prey. Bruises on my neck are ones of pure dominance and unclaimed affection. Pent up emotions are laid on the line tonight but I can’t think too much when you have me like this, drunk on love and the Jim beam on your breath. I can’t think clearly when you whisper “I love you beautiful girl, you can sleep now, I’ll be here in the morning.”, because finally, the alcohol has set in and I sleep.


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