Sometimes when you look at me, I wonder if you can see all my demons in my eyes. The only place I feel whole is in your arms and I’m so scared that one day your arms won’t wrap around my waist at night. I’m so scared I won’t walk into a room and walk with confidence because you’re walking next to me. How am I supposed to keep going when you’re the sun in the morning and the coffee that keeps me going? My hands are only fit to hold yours, they know no craft, and no skill. Everything that is me, is made up of tiny pieces of you and I, I love you. I’m totally, crazily, madly in love with you. You’re everything. Everything. And I know I’m not beautiful, or smart, or talented, but I can promise you goodnight kisses, and I’ll make sure every person in every room we walk into knows that your my girl. Never will you ever have to ever feel like no one loves you again because I do. I love you. I need you. So when you look at me, and you see broken pieces and demons running through my veins, know that my love you you, my feelings for you, are there too. There the ones that caress your skin at night when your cold. There the ones that lay kisses on your hair when your scared. There the ones who are writing this to you now. So know, I love you.


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