I thought I found true love in you

I always thought I was in love but when I saw the constant shimmer in your eyes it just didn’t compare to even a speck of light in anyone else’s eyes. You have those stupid honey blonde curls that frame your face so perfectly, so effortlessly. When my feet feel like they can no longer carry my body weight your body molds against mine seamlessly. I’m not even sure where mine begins and yours ends. You look at me like im the most amazing thing in the room even if I don’t think so.  Your fingers caress my skin in all my damaged places, eliminating fears. You have me wrapped around your finger and you don’t even know it sometimes. Your lips press against mine and when my tongue meets the sweet darkness in your mouth I think I must be dreaming because love can’t possibly feel, this good. Love is just satisfactory, I was taught, but this, this isn’t just satisfactory. This is I love you in looks and comforting touches when no one’s looking. This is your hands on my hips, guiding me in dims lights when those flawless curls of your lay, untouched, on your shoulders. It’s now that I’ll remember when I walk out on you, 6 months from now because you said you never loved me and true love doesn’t exist.


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