What a sick game we play

Come to me, for I can breathe New air into your lungs and use the ink in my veins to pen beautiful words on your skin. Trapped in our world of bliss, I can whisper sweet words of reassurance when in need. 

I bleed the ink of sheer comfort.

I can climb mountains and cross valleys to show you how much I care. I hate how I treated you and loving you is all that’s devoured my mind. Your monsters don’t scare me away,

I’ve fought bigger demons.

It felt like sharp knives jabbed into every crevice of my chest when you left. Every bone in this ribcage of mine was splintered and digging into my lungs with each breath. 

And with each cut, I bled, and with each drop I wrote.

With each kiss you returned to save me but the touch of your lips were like a drug and I became addicted. A sick game we’ve twisted against each other. Who knew the ones who play the game, can lose when pinned against them? 

Life would just be so boring without you.


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