Two years and I still love you because I can’t lie to myself

When did I really like you turn to I love you?
When did breaking your heart turn into breaking mine too?
If I tell myself enough, it all becomes a lie.
Maybe if I say it,
it will come true I can be cured of love.
Wouldn’t that be great?
I was over you I swear
Three words,
Brought back two years of splendid memories
I love you.
I’m over you Are the same thing right?
You and me, together til the end
Because for some reason you won’t run
And I can’t stay away
Beautiful messiness of a girl I am
And a strange mystery of a boy you can be
I still listen to Your playlist
Your still my phone wallpaper
Your contact in my phone is still the boyfriend
I’m not over you
Or the way you look at me
Or the way I love you looks in a Facebook message from


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