3 A.M.

Its three am and i’m not just saying that because this is a poem and it sounds good, i’m saying it because it’s three god damn am and i’m up thinking about all the things we could’ve had.

I didn’t have enough time to imprint the feeling of your skin under mine inside my head. I was too busy enjoying it, you stole everything that was good in my life when you left, I wonder how many kisses we could’ve shared, how long I would spend with my arm wrapped around you. I’ll never know now.

Do you know how hard it is, trying to move on, and love other people, when I can’t stop with what ifs? What if you come back?

What if, she really was the one? What if I go through another break up because she wasn’t the one, maybe the next one isn’t either, or maybe the next 500? So next time, you decide, you “just cant do this anymore” I hope you think of me, and how I never hurt you, gave you whatever you wanted, and how you “loved” me up until you broke my heart.

Maybe you’ll come back, and I hope you do, because I’ll still take you back. Even if it means, sacrificing my heart to be broken again.


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