Catch me

My hand is around your neck and my nails are digging marks into your flesh through your shirt and I’m making compulsive moves.

I can pretend that I don’t need you but we both know i’d be lying because my lips cant leave your skin, you are my unmarred prey and I am the predator looking to sink my teeth into you and leave you bleeding.

I hope you take my love to your grave, I hope that even after your death you can still see me standing over you, the perfect picture of domination and power and uncontrolled passion. I hope that the bruises I leave on your body are still shown on your skeleton long after your skin and muscles rot away.

I don’t care if everyone knows about my need to own you. My need to posses every piece of your body, mind, and soul. I want to be the one the letters in I love you drip off your tongue for.

I hope my love fills your veins with poison. The only cure is the novocaine I give you in my kisses, cause baby I’m killing you and giving you life in every kiss and you can’t leave even if you wanted to because I am such an addictive substance.

I’m your favorite baby and we both know it. You can run to other girls for your average romance but we both know that isn’t you. I am a immortal flame meant to burn you long after your time is gone; long after I am gone you will be left craving me and I have no problem telling you that to your face. I’m just that caught up in my gifted sins.

Go ahead a bite off more of me than you can chew, lose yourself in my skin and possessive personality. Go ahead and drown yourself in the hurricane that is me. Nothing about me is passive, I will aggressively love you, but you’re still just my pass time.

I’m haunting your mind with memories of late night make out session, I haunt your skin with marks of my ownership, I’m a passionate girl spinning out of damn control, so baby, I hope you’re ready to catch me.


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